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How to cook pilaf in Uzbek

Let's prepare the Uzbek pilaf. Pilaf in Uzbekistan is the main dish, the same as cabbage soup in Russia or borsch in Ukraine. There are a huge number of its regional varieties. Pilaf is prepared not only from rice, but also from wheat and even peas. Also diverse are also fillers (zirvaki) for pilaf. They are, meat, fish, vegetable and fruit. In general, the Central Asian table is very different from ours. The guests are sitting behind Dastarkhan - a wooden platform with carpets and pillows, in the center of which there is a table on very low legs. At first you will be treated with fruits and sweets. In the east, it is believed that sweets are appetite. And, of course, you will be drunk with aromatic green tea, which will be welded in a special way. The owner of the house will treat you with tea, and the less he pours you into the bowl of a fragrant drink, the more he respects you. He says that he is glad to constantly care for you, giving you attention. The main thing is not to make mistakes - do not go after the first cup of tea. All that in front of you on the table is only snacks. After the guests are tasted, the table is released and a large dish with hot pilaf is installed on it. In Central Asia, men are preparing pilaf in a huge cauldron in the yard. It is believed that this is too responsible for women. But you can cook pilaf and at home, in the kitchen. The first thing we need is a cauldron, or a big pot. The dishes are installed on the stove and is heated over high heat. Pour 1.5 cups of sunflower oil and bring it to a boil. We prepare the meat. It is best to do a young lamb for pilaf, but veal and chicken are suitable. But still it is better to make pilaf from lamb. A kilogram of lamb is cut into large pieces and browned in boiling fat, a kilogram of onions chopped with thin half -rings is added and fried until golden coloring with meat. A kilogram of grated carrots is added, slightly fried, after which everything is poured with a liter of water, spices are added (just buy a bag “for pilaf” and add to taste), everything will be salted, it should boil over a very low fire for almost 3 hours. Then in the cauldron we put a kilogram of rice washed and soaked for an hour for an hour, level it with a spoon and carefully add water so that it covers the rice. We boil pilaf over high heat until the water remains on the surface of the rice. We make punctures with a thin knife to the bottom and, if there is no liquid in them, carefully pour water. After that, we languish for half an hour on the smallest fire under the lid. It will only be possible to mix the pilaf when the cover is removed and the fire is turned off. I always wanted to buy my mom a car, and now I'm about 25 and did not manage to save up enough money and I thought what to do, after I found this amazing site called .